Tool 8 - Schmitzhöhe

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With this debut release by  Tool…8, Cologne’s new imprint BergWacht Records presents an impressive first shortcut of its musical vision. Melodic and soulful techno, intended to establish harmonious and danceable electronic music with a touch of melancholy: the typical „sound of BergWacht-. Support and played by : Ryan Davis, PHM, Blake Sutherland, Paul Hazendonk, David Prap, Deepfunk, Ina Becker, Ryan Sullivan, Manual Music, Inlab rec. and more. Robin from Cinematique said : „Congratulations to the wonderful BergWacht crew for putting out their first release. Nice to see Tool…8 getting a well deserved EP. Very warm original and also both remixes are top class. Full support. „Schmitzhoehe (Original)- by TooL…8 is a symbiosis of warm, dreamy tunes, emotional sub-bass and slowly rising, powerful bassline. This all peaks in a feeling of remembering a wonderful, bygone memory. The artist’s huge passion for detail is evidenced by their complex arrangement building and a wealth of beautiful synths to enchant both open-air and club floors. On B1, experimental and sometimes abstract Lanny May takes you on a journey through different feelings and atmos that let you travel along organic, living pieces of sound, full of changing phrases and epic parts. Expect the unexpected 2 and a remix that, bit by bit, is evolving into an independent, extraordinary Lanny May track. From the very first second on B2, Boss Axis‘ personal touch is showing up straightly. Strong and intense synths, a grasping groove and the centerpiece, an incisive, ruling kick, unmistakably cause this effect. A perfect example for giving individual style to an original without losing even a little bit of its core essence and meaning. This selection of artists can be seen as a cross section of BergWacht’s history so far. Maximilian Keck and Sven Kirchner, known as TooL…8, have been part of BergWacht family and artists since it all began. After several BergWacht bookings, for sure Lanny May and Boss Axis belong to this bighearted Cologne-based posse as well. To complete this release like a family business deserves it, of course owner Liho is placed on top. So if you already are wondering what „Schmitzhoehe- could be, here we go: Schmitzhoehe is even more than Liho’s birth-place. As also BergWacht was born there, IT IS WHERE IT ALL BEGAN.

Beatport (Vinyl)

A: Tool 8 – Schmitzhöhe

B1: Tool 8 – Schmitzhöhe (Lanny May Remix)

B2: Tool 8 – Schmitzhöhe (Boss Axis Remix)

Released Oct 26, 2012.